Building Successful Low Budget PPC: Structuring the Account

Building Structure

In charge of building your first PPC account? Don’t have a lot of time or money to spend within AdWords? Well you came to the right place.

Follow along in our six-part series as we will be laying down the knowledge detailing best practices for setting yourself up for PPC success. Pick up tips on how to build your first PPC account like a PPC superstar.

Understanding how to setup the structure of your account is vital to PPC success. The account structure is the back bone of your account. Creating a layout with your initial campaigns and ad groups will not only keep your work organized and efficient, but will also help you balance your budget along the way.

Determining your Campaigns

First – a note on terminology. Google defines a campaign as “a set of ad groups that share a budget, location targeting, and other settings.”

Campaigns act as an overarching theme for a collection of ad groups; the makeup of your website’s navigation is a good place to look when building an initial campaign list.

Below is an example of a site navigation which lays out the breakdown of a site’s structure by the category of its products:

Campaign Breakdown Blog

Using the red navigation example on the left, we want to breakdown our AdWords account into five separate campaigns – Steaks, Specialties, Gift Boxes, Gift Certificates, and Steak Spice.

Now that we have our list of campaigns mapped out, it’s time to determine the ad groups which will make up a campaign.

Shaping your Ad Groups

An ad group is a set of ads, keywords, and keyword bids grouped together under a common, more specific theme. Like campaigns, these ad group themes act as smaller subsets of our overarching campaign.

For the purposes of this blog series, we will continue to use our example from an online, mail-order steakhouse.

When traversing through the on-site navigation, visitors are provided a number of options to better direct themselves through the site. The following subset is displayed as you hover over the ‘Specialties’ section:

Ad Group Breakdown Blog

These individual products with distinct landing pages break down your list of ad groups. This same tactic can be used throughout the sites navigation to build out a complete list of ad groups.

Below is a quick chart displaying the overall look of your account structure after breaking down your list of campaigns and ad groups:


Once a structural plan is in place, it’s time to get to work and build your campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists, and ads.

Follow along the way in our six-part series covering the cornerstones of setting up your first Google AdWords account for success:

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