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With hundreds of clients ranging from frozen seafood distributors to IT outsourcing services, we’ve managed a couple million dollars in ad spend. Find quick tips and tricks about PPC marketing here!

6 Reasons (Other Than More Revenue) to Try PPC

Pay-per-click marketing provides businesses an opportunity to get their brand, messaging, and offerings out to the public through online advertising. And while PPC advertising can drive revenue and customer acquisition numbers, advertising via PPC ads can help companies of all sizes in a number of different ways. While acquiring more customers and revenue should be … Continue reading ›

How to Create a Remarketing Campaign in Google AdWords

setup remarketing

Creating and running remarketing campaigns through pay-per-click advertising is a powerful way to drive potential customers back to your website for conversion opportunities. Remarketing campaigns have the potential to provide a significant piece of revenue for online businesses. They allow businesses to stay connected with their target audience even after they leave their website. Users … Continue reading ›

5 Ways to Improve Quality Score

improve quality score

Quality Score is a metric used in major PPC platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads that helps determine the eligibility of an advertisement being shown in the search results, the position that ad will be shown in, and at what cost per click the advertiser will be charged for that placement. The higher the … Continue reading ›

What is Quality Score?

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is a metric recorded in Google AdWords and Bing Ads reporting the combined relevance and historical performance of your ads, keywords, and landing pages in regards to a user’s search query. Quality Score can also be a helpful warning signal when there are particular ad groups or campaigns in a PPC account that … Continue reading ›

11 Tips for Low Budget PPC Advertisers

Stretch PC Dollars

For small and medium sized businesses looking to buy pay-per-click advertising placements, return on investment is everything when working with a low budget. With so many different features and settings to navigate through, running a successful PPC campaign can be tough. Factor in a typically smaller-than-your-competition budget and competing successfully with your bigger competitors can … Continue reading ›

What are Location Extensions in AdWords?

AdWords Location Extensions

Location extensions in Google AdWords are an ad extension that allows for advertisers to show their business address and phone number along with their standard Search Network text ad. When a location extension is displayed on a mobile phone, it includes a link so that customers can easily get directions to the business. The following … Continue reading ›

Pay-Per-Click Marketing 101

PPC Marketing 101

This post is designed to introduce pay-per-click marketing at the most basic level. Pay-per-click marketing can be a powerful marketing medium but without background knowledge, it can be easy to waste a marketing budget without seeing any return on investment. This post will cover what PPC marketing is, what types of PPC ads are available … Continue reading ›

What are Callout Extensions and Why do you Need Them?

What are callout extensions?

Callout extensions in Google AdWords are an ad extension that provides advertisers with the option to include more information via additional text about their product or service offering directly below their standard ad text. Callouts are useful because they allow advertisers to display additional, non-clickable text that may not have originally fit into the restrictive … Continue reading ›

Why Can’t I See My PPC Ads?

Missing PPC Ads

As an agency that manages pay-per-click marketing accounts for clients in all types of industries, one of the most reoccurring comments we get from our clients when getting started with a new PPC push is “When I searched for one our my keywords, I didn’t see my ad. Where are my ads?” It’s a perfectly … Continue reading ›

What Are Call Extensions and Why Do you Need Them?

Using Call Extentions

Call extensions in Google AdWords is an ad extension that allows searchers to directly call businesses by placing a phone number directly within an ad. On smartphones, a clickable ‘Call’ button is displayed with the ad, making it particularly engaging for people on the move. Call extensions are ideal for local businesses that are looking … Continue reading ›

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