Program Terms & FAQs

1. Accounts that exceed our basic service level requirements are subject to an account restructure (charged separately) or can engage with PPC Essentials at the Plus or Premier levels.

2. Package pricing is based on the management of one account. Additional accounts must pay additional management fees.

3. In order to manage a Google Shopping campaign on your behalf, we require an accurate and optimized copy of your product feed and Google Merchant Center account access.

5. If you do not have AdWords conversion tracking enabled, we will optimize our work based on volume of clicks/impressions, CTR, Quality Score and CPC.

6. We can set up and send you the code to get started on AdWords Conversion Tracking, but you or your web developer must place the code on the site.

7. Email support only. Phone support is available at the hourly rate of $200.

8. Cancel anytime- but there are no refunds for a mid-month cancellation. We’re happy to work with you through the remainder of your last month with us.

9. Portent does not control the AdWords or Bing Ads site guidelines. We cannot guarantee your account won’t be rejected for User Safety, Misleading Claims or other landing page violations. We will tell you before we start if we foresee any issues and work with you where we can. Should your site be rejected after we complete set up, management fees are not refundable.

Program FAQs

What if I want to cancel?

Cancel anytime- there are no contracts. We bill one month at a time, just let us know within 5 business days before your billing date and unsubscribe through your PayPal account.

How does billing work?

Your account start/billing date is the day that you sign up. So if you sign up on July 12th, your billing date is the 12th day of each month thereafter.

What if I only want half of a month of PPC management?

We can only do whole months unfortunately.

Reporting is Monthly

The 1st through the 31st. 
Even though your billing date might be on the 12th of the month, we’ll do the reports monthly, to keep things nice and simple. However, if you sign up for the program after the 26th of a month, you’ll receive a month end report at the end of the following month. So a July 26th sign up would receive their first month end report on September 1st. A July 12th sign up would receive their first month end report on August 1st.

What if I want to request something specific or special?

You can submit a request via email to receive additional reporting, phone support, strategy or any kind of help at the hourly rate of $200 per hour. You can submit specials/promotions, featured products or services, ad copy edits or requests to your current account at any time via email. We’re happy to implement those as part of the program.

What if I want to talk to my PPC strategist on the phone?

We’re more than happy to speak to you on the phone about your account strategy, structure and provide training and tutorials, but it will be billed at the hourly rate of $200 per hour. Issues that arise through administrative items like billing, account access or reporting issues will not be billed.

What if I’m afraid of change?

No problem. We can pause all your current PPC campaigns and build our own, upload and you can run a side by side comparison over time. If our work is doing better, you can just carry on. But if it’s too much change, you can just pause what we’ve uploaded and go right back to your old campaigns.

Am I allowed to make any changes myself?

We’d really rather you didn’t, other than possibly ad copy. We’ll be running rules and performing tweaks and with too many “cooks in the kitchen” it’ll be hard for us to tell what is working and what isn’t.

Can I just buy the set up piece by itself?

Yes. We’ll set it up, turn it over and off you go!