PPC Account Creation

For those looking to try pay-per-click marketing for the first time, get started on the right foot with a new PPC account built by the PPC Essentials team. The foundation of your PPC account plays a vital role in performance, so making sure your account is setup and optimized around your marketing goals is crucial for success.

PPC Account Creation

What You’ll Get

Account Ownership

Full ownership rights for the account will be given to you following project completion. Keep your account, and all the work in it, regardless of your status with PPC Essentials.

Campaign Setup

Depending on your advertising budget and goals, a minimum of two campaigns will be setup in your new account.

A/B Testing

Each ad group within your new account will contain a minimum of two active ads. Initial ad creative will test for click-through rate performance.

Keyword Research

We will add a minimum of 50 research keywords to your new account corresponding with your advertising goals.

Pricing & Delivery

New PPC account creation starts at a flat-fee of $200.

Once we have your paperwork signed and ready to go, we will deliver your completed account within three business days.

Contact us to get started with a new PPC account